Ellie Campbell

Who is Ellie Campbell

Actually ‘Ellie’ is two people – sisters and co-authors Pam Burks and Lorraine Campbell.  We love all kinds of novels but particularly women’s fiction with a great story, recognizable characters and the ability to make us laugh one minute and perhaps cry the next.  We still share the same sense of humor that got us into so much trouble as kids and so it has been fun writing books that allow us to enjoy the comic aspects of everyday life while still exploring some serious issues and indulging in our taste for romance, drama, and intrigue.   If our imperfect heroines are often older than the average chick-lit character, and as likely to be bogged down with marriage,  troublesome husbands and child-rearing as fretting over that perfect pair of designer shoes, we are still immensely proud to be considered part of the same genre that includes such talented writers as Marian Keyes and Jane Green.    We hope you enjoy our website.

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7 responses to “Ellie Campbell

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  5. Thank you so much Vera. We had so much fine writing it.


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  7. I just finished your LaLa BOOK!! Laugh outloud great! Nice surprise!


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