dfw-ec-htsys-cover-smallA wonderfully warm and witty debut novel about family secrets and sibling rivalry.

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  • Makes sibling rivalry funny.’ – Cosmopolitan
  • A rollicking read,’ –Carol Smith, author of Twilight Hour
  • A cracking book with the entangled plot developing at great speed, one of the best in this area.’ –BOOKSELLER
  • Ellie Campbell’s infectious sense of fun is immensely cheering. Her stories are a gorgeous blend of memorable characters, plot-twisting treats and heart-warming nostalgia. I hope the Ellie Campbell phenomenon is here to stay.’ –Fiona Walker
  • I totally ate this one up. A great book for anyone with a sister! Heck you don’t even have to have a sister to get the humor!’  Reading Renee Reviews 
  • ‘The writing achieves the balance between lightheartedness and truth to look at family ties — cosy, lovely, messy, and uncomfortable, all tangled up — with real affection and honesty.’ –Vine Voice


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