This or That?

Thanks International Chicklit Month for including us alongside some great chicklit authors 🙂

Celebrate The Differences
by Ellie Campbell


We are two sisters (Lorraine Campbell and Pam Burks) who write together under one name, Ellie Campbell. So for the sake of our sanity – and the book in progress – we’ve got to agree on a lot of things. Who’s going to write what, which way the plot should go, whether the character we’re particularly fond of should be cut completely. Something must be working – we’ve just published our fifth novel, Million Dollar Question. But perhaps it’s the differences that add that extra spark…

What’s on your writing desk – coffee or tea?

Lorraine: Coffee. I was, am and always will be a tea drinker. Mum used to bring it to us in bed, loaded with milk and sugar. But since I moved to America I can’t start the day without a cup of coffee. I take it with me when I…

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